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on a sad note!

Former Big Brother winner Regina "Reggie" Sorenson has a degenerative eye disease and is rapidly going blind.

Reggie, who won the 2003 series of the recently axed reality television show, found out three weeks ago that she was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.

In an interview with Woman's Day magazine, the 34-year-old said she was now declared legally blind and her eyesight was deteriorating rapidly.

She told the magazine that her greatest fear was not being able to watch her 16-month-old daughter Mia grow up.

"I will go blind. I was devastated and so upset. I knew it was there, but now that it has gotten really bad … it has just really hit me," she said.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic condition that causes the retina to degenerate over a number of years.

Some sufferers retain part of their vision, but others go completely blind.

Reggie and her husband Dale are considering a move to the UK, where scientists are trialling an experimental gene therapy to treat the disease.

Shame poor thing...thats gotta be horrible not being able to see your daughter grow up...i hope the treatment works...Thats one of my worst fears loosing my eyesight altogether... i wish her all the best. 


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