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Where are they now? [19 Jul 2010|07:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all, who misses BigBrother? I sure do. :(
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has read or heard anything about any of the BigBrother contestents from all seasons at all? What's the latest goss?
And, does anyone know if any of them have a twitter account?
Cheers! :)

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[19 May 2009|09:04pm]

This time last year we where watching Big Brother...

Now we are watching...?

Actually for me nothing. I don't get time for TV in general (unless I am on the treadmill - but the it is always Simpson repeats or 'The Bold & The Beautiful') .

Whats up with all the fellow peeps here? We where always a nice community and it is same it now is sort of dead.

Any contestants up to anything these days?
You guys up to anything these days?
Any bitching about Gretal?
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Help me out! [31 Dec 2008|10:03am]


Hey everyone!
Sorry to bother you all, but I am in an online version of the CBS show Big Brother at Tengaged.com. Tengaged is a site where people can go to play online Reality Games like Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelor, A Shot at Love, etc.


Above is a link to the Big Brother voting. If you could go there, register an account (it literally takes 2 seconds) by clicking the Tengaged banner in the top left, and then using the link above, vote for "BBDamian" to be evicted, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, you do not have to, but if you do, please respond to this posting so I can thank you or send you a thank you e-mail at the very least. 

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BB's Rory charged with assault [29 Oct 2008|12:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Big Brother runner-up Rory Ammon has been charged for assaulting a cyclist in his hometown of Geelong, west of Melbourne.

Police allege the 22-year-old bricklayer turned reality TV star was driving down a Geelong street in March when he swerved towards a 27-year-old cyclist, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

A passenger in Ammon's car then allegedly hung out the window and struck the cyclist in the lower back and buttocks.

The cyclist managed to stay on his bike but suffered severe bruising as a result of the blow.

Ammon has denied any wrongdoing in relation to the incident, telling the Geelong Advertiser he did not mean to drive close to the driver.

The Big Brother star said he had no control over his passenger, the brother of a close friend, who has since disappeared.

"He (the passenger) has taken off somewhere," the newspaper quoted Ammon as saying.

"I can't stop other people's actions. I don't see it as my fault so I can't apologise.

"My only fault is that he was in my car and apparently he is my responsibility."

Ammon is due to appear in Geelong Magistrates' Court on November 25.

Police are still looking for Ammon's 21-year-old passenger.

I heard about something like this not too long ago and wow for it being Rory.
To be honest does it surprise me....Not really he seemed to be a decent human being in the house at times but someone who purposely tries to harm another human being well is a shitty human being i hope it gets what is coming to him to be honest. I'm glad he did not get the money i dont think he wouldve done wat he said he wouldve done.

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Where are they now.. [17 Aug 2008|11:25am]

We're always asking where are they now...

incase no one knew...

David Graham (06 Series) has started a Dog Walking business near my house in Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria.


Zach Douglas (guy who made corsets) works there also! i see them both every morning walking dogs on my way to Uni

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on a sad note! [05 Aug 2008|12:58pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Former Big Brother winner Regina "Reggie" Sorenson has a degenerative eye disease and is rapidly going blind.

Reggie, who won the 2003 series of the recently axed reality television show, found out three weeks ago that she was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa.

In an interview with Woman's Day magazine, the 34-year-old said she was now declared legally blind and her eyesight was deteriorating rapidly.

She told the magazine that her greatest fear was not being able to watch her 16-month-old daughter Mia grow up.

"I will go blind. I was devastated and so upset. I knew it was there, but now that it has gotten really bad … it has just really hit me," she said.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic condition that causes the retina to degenerate over a number of years.

Some sufferers retain part of their vision, but others go completely blind.

Reggie and her husband Dale are considering a move to the UK, where scientists are trialling an experimental gene therapy to treat the disease.

Shame poor thing...thats gotta be horrible not being able to see your daughter grow up...i hope the treatment works...Thats one of my worst fears loosing my eyesight altogether... i wish her all the best. 

source. ninemsn.com.au

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[31 Jul 2008|03:58pm]


From Behind Big Brother

Rumours are rife that Network Nine are set to make an announcement that they will be picking up the Big Brother franchise after it was dumped by Ten earlier this month.

The news, which is expected to be announced officially at 10am tomorrow morning local time, would signal a new era for the show in Australia. The news is expected to be leaked in the next few hours to major news sources.

There is no word yet on whether the network will choose to air the show in 2009 or hold back until 2010 or beyond.

In recent times there has been discussion on the sale of Southern Star Endemol (Big Brother’s parent company in Australia) after a string of shows failed to interest audiences, including Gladiators, Out of the Blue, and of course Big Brother.

Behind Big Brother has not received full confirmation on this announcement but will keep you updated as news comes to hand!

Bad news update from floopah:

"Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but the article appears to have been updated since this was posted and now opens with this:


BB not back on Nine
We apologise for getting your hopes up
31 July

UPDATE: Turns out the below is the crock of sh-a complete lie.

Behind Big Brother apologises for getting anyone’s hopes up.

.. :(

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Withdrawal [25 Jul 2008|10:38pm]

Anyone else struggling to find other things to watch..in replace of Big brother?
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[23 Jul 2008|02:03am]

Info stolen from another site :

Ben made out with another girl in front of Bianca. Bianca ran off crying, and Jackie ended up telling Ben what he'd done.

Alice still has a job at her old vet surgery.

Terri stands by her adoration of Pauline Hanson.

Now, here are the quotes. This first one from Ben is an absolute CLASSIC. I know that you will all appreciate the irony here :

You rebelled against [Big Brother] in the house.

Yeah. I wasn't that I did it just because I was bored. In my life I've learned that it's great to critically evaluate things, and question authority. If that means standing up in defiance, or sometimes being disrespectful, or rebellious, then so be it. I'd rather stand up than sit idly by and let some dude dominate me.


And you caught up with Bianca?

Yeah. I... hmm. We spoke at the post-eviction drinks, and that was all cool. But Jackie O told me today that afterwards Bianca started crying at the club after I might have kissed another girl. And she wasn't happy with that. I might be in a bit of a pickle.

So what will you do?

It was a bit inconsiderate on my behalf, but... I've explained all along to Bianca that we're strictly friends. I don't want it to go any further. Time will tell but I think we'll still be good friends.

You'll keep in touch?

For sure. Like I said in the house, I don't really have any female friends in the real world who I'd be prepared to hang out with one-on-one. And Bianca is such an amazing girl - one of the most amazing I've ever met. And I don't want to lose that. It sounds corny, but it's precious to me to have that. I really hope so continue our friendship.

Ben info from here : http://www.yourtv.com.au/news/index.cfm?i=139686

Terri shows us she really doesn't understand:

When you first went into the house you were portrayed as a real Pauline Hanson supporter. Do you still stand by those views?

Definitely. I mostly supported her because she was a woman who stood up for what she believed in. And the media tore her apart.

You were sort of portrayed as a really "white" Australian - was that a fair portrayal?

No - in my working life I've worked with all different kinds of people, all different nationalities. I don't really believe that Australians are racist - Australians are fair, and treat people how they find them. That's what I try to do in my life. And you can go on about treating people differently because of the colour their skin, well, I don't believe that's any different from calling Pauline Hanson a red-headed tyrant. That's treating her by the colour of her hair, isn't it?

Terri info from here : http://www.yourtv.com.au/news/index.cfm?i=139669

Travis shows us that he really doesn't get the adult world of relationships:

Were you surprised to learn that the gay rumours about you became such a big deal?

Well...in the outside world I've been picked up by a few gay guys. They've left lollies on my desk at work, stuff like that.

There is so much hilarity in those two sentances, it's freaking magic!
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the end of an era [21 Jul 2008|09:52pm]

I just feel empty..lol

Anyway I don't want this post to be about the winner (argh)

After seeing the final tribute to all the seasons I wanted to ask:

Which was you favourite season?

Mine were BB04, 05 and then 07
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[21 Jul 2008|09:52pm]

Anyone know why Rima wasn't there?
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Gretal [21 Jul 2008|09:32pm]

Did anybody else think that Gretal's glammed up Rocky Horror outfit was the best thing she has ever worn on the show?
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[21 Jul 2008|09:05pm]

spoilersCollapse )
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Dangerous [21 Jul 2008|08:15pm]

ugh!Collapse )

What kind of message is this sending to our children!?!?

How many kids are going to imitate those grossly negligent behaviours??

(I actually posted this ages ago, but then realised I posted to Neighbours community. Seriously I need to not watch television any longer)
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Fashion fallout [21 Jul 2008|08:07pm]

I love Alice but... not so much what she is wearing.
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reggi's new life! [21 Jul 2008|07:18pm]

wow, I didn't know Reggi remarried. I think I vaguely remember hearing that her marriage broke down, but I guess, when ya remember some of the stuff that was said in there, it does figure, though it's sad. At least she's happy now though!
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my reaction [21 Jul 2008|08:44am]

My reaction from last night after the second save 'Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck'

Me to housemate - 'This is crap, I don't care who wins now, I'm not going to watch tomorrow night' (storms off to bedroom).

And yep, won't be watching tonight, have better things to do, like finish a novel by Iain M. Banks, which will probably have a happier ending (his endings usually go 'the world gets blown up, everyone dies, life is meaningless'). And yet, that's a happier ending and I'll enjoy it far more.
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[20 Jul 2008|06:49pm]

travis annoys me more then anything in this world.

i have avoided this big brother for the simple fact that his voice is pathetic and i think its all some big facade.

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[20 Jul 2008|08:02pm]

spoilers again...Collapse )
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[20 Jul 2008|07:44pm]

spoilersCollapse )
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